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Community Pier Rules and Guidelines

1. The pier is private and is solely for the use of Bay Crest Townhomes residents (who are in good standing with the homeowners association).

2. Residents must accompany friends or family using the pier as their guests or be available for verification of such use.

3. Unauthorized persons using the pier will be told to leave and will be reported to the Sheriff as trespassers if they refuse to leave.

4. Swim and dive at your risk. No diving from pilings allowed.

5. Fishing allowed. Please be considerate and properly clean up the pier afterwards.

6. Crabbing allowed; however, all lines with bait and crab traps or pots are to be removed when finished, and clean up including washing off bait with water is required afterwards. 

7. No overnight docking of boats allowed. Boat docking is limited to daylight hours only and bumpers must be used.

8. Boat owners will be held responsible for damage to the pier pilings or decking while docking, loading, or off-loading.

9. Please be considerate of your neighbors if pier is used late at night or early in the morning and keep noise and lighting levels low.

10. No additional construction or modification to the pier allowed without the approval of the Board of Directors.

DATE: August 15, 1995


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