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Bay Crest in 1989.

This is what it looked like when Bob and I came to check out 8339 in 1989, which was a model at the time, along with 8337. You can see the construction trailer on the right. Strangely enough, there is a "SOLD" sign on one waterview unit which was only a concrete foundation at the time. Initially, our front doors were burgundy, but the gray with white trim prevails to this day. 

We took advantage of fishing off the bulkhead which disappeared long ago. The 2nd set of waterfront units were well under way at this point.

The four waterview units. In the forefront, we no longer have the 10 posts pictured here. They were replaced with the pilings/rope we now have. Notice that we used to have life rings to the right of each front door. And that scraggly little tree is no longer in front of 8342. The landscaping leaves a lot to be desired. 

Close-up shot of waterview units.


A shot of our stormwater management area in its early days. Wow, it has simply exploded since then. Notice the lack of privacy between Bay Crest and the then-Chaney's Restaurant, as well as lack of landscaping against alley-way fence. I wish the builders could see us now!!!! Hopefully, their business is now defunct, if rumors prove true. 




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